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Integrated Marketing Campaigns

Integrated marketing campaigns are the most efficient and rapid way to find customers with existing and/or prospective requirements.

Such campaigns combine inbound and outbound marketing which makes it possible to see the results almost instantly.

Our company runs two types of marketing campaigns focusing on:


In this case our customers boost their customer base by processing databases across certain geographies and industries.


These campaigns are focused on activating lost and/or sleeping customers.

Depending on the targets, each campaign can combine all or just a few of the following activities:


Phone communications are a key element of customer lookup. However, in the noisy information environment it is very difficult to reach real decision-makers. That is why our company uses a complex approach and interacts with prospective customers in all domains.

Digital Content

We develop content (referential and cognitive) to attract potential customers by presenting your company as a reliable expert in the required area.

Social networks

We sweep social media channels to detect and involve prospective customers.

Inbound marketing

Inbound marketing turns your web site into a comprehensive tool to attract visitors and convert them into leads.


Drawing potential customers into various events (webinars, workshops, conferences, etc.) to stimulate personal relations and demonstrate your competences, products, solutions, and benefits.


teaser campaign

This is the most efficient type of integrated campaigns. The campaign combines offline and online perfectly and is based on a puzzle or intrigue, exciting the potential customer’s interest in the product/service. Due to the game form and quest element, potential customers have no negative emotions, which often occur in the process of specifying needs.

The standard results indicate high efficiency: 15-25% of A and B qualified leads and 35-55% of C leads (in general, up to 75-80% of positive responses to the manager’s call). No other type of marketing activity has such high results.