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Digital Marketing

Social media is one of the most efficient tools to attract the right visitors in the IT domain. The right approach will help you to find the customers with existing needs, as well as the people at the very early stage of building their needs and requirements.

SellPromo runs digital campaigns to attract prospective customers and turn them into real ones by using the following activities:

    • search engine optimization (SEO);
    • automatic content generation;
    • social media;
    • e-mail messages;
    • context-based advertising.

Most of those activities are used in combination with each other. Besides, we are focusing on social media – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. Why? The reason is that with the right segmentation in social media you can reach impressive results at minimal cost. First, you can easily cut off “casual visitors”. Second, you can improve you brand recognition and awareness in the target audience. Third, you can demonstrate your excellence and competence.

This is the scheme of such campaigns: