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Content Marketing

We all heard that “content is the king”. But do you know that 86 percent of B2B marketing experts use content-based marketing for lead generation? Content is the main source of potential customers. It is the hook that attracts visitors and makes it possible to interact with them.


Digital marketing changed the way of interaction between customers and companies. Abundance of information made customers less sensitive to classical outbound marketing messages. SellPromo enhances competitive edge of its customers by building the contents which help to detect and attract the right customers and generate leads.



Initial materials are mere answers to visitor’s requests. They help to answer first questions. As a result, you can position yourself as an expert and leader and start building and strengthening trust in your company.

At this stage it is important to demonstrate your leadership in the industry. But, please, avoid any show-off and bragging. It is enough to show that you can help the visitor whenever he himself would like to.

The initial content helps to overcome the first-minute lack of trust. It also helps to present your brand as a reliable source of information which, later, at the decision-making phase, will be an important factor in your favor.

We build effective initial content of the following types:

    • e-books;
    • leaflets;
    • blog articles;
    • guide books;
    • videos.


A potential customer is looking for the offers including, first of all, specific products and services. We help our clients to generate content which delivers important information as well as creates a logical link between the upper layer of the funnel and its lower layer.

We can help you to generate efficient content for this phase:

    • Targeted surveys
    • Webinars
    • Benchmarks
    • Catalogs
    • Descriptions of solutions


At the decision-making phase prospective customers should be well informed about your position in the market, your products and services and your competitive edge.

At this phase it is important for the prospective customer to meet your sales team and see your products. This meeting will largely affect the final decision. The target pages should demonstrate the benefits of your offerings. The main goal of this phase is to make the potential customer agree to:

    • demo-version;
    • consultation;
    • trial usage;
    • meeting with your expert.


Lead for marketing ≠ Lead for sales

One should always remember that the lead for marketing and for sales is always different. Marketing aims at turning a person into a potential customer with established needs. A good lead for marketing is a potential customer, with which the sales department will be able to work further. The sales department determines whether a potential customer will turn into a real customer or go to a competitor.