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Board games for IT

One of the unique tools developed by our company is IT board games.

We can create such a game from scratch or adapt an existing game to your requirements. Our portfolio consists of several games of different types which are ready to be used for marketing purposes.

The games are fit for your department, your friends and your family. The rules and the content would attract even the non-IT people. But the main purpose of the games is to attract IT specialists and deliver our target message.

Examples of the games


The game is about smart security. It includes various components of IT infrastructure, cyber threats and a cybersecurity map which – if used correctly – can help to mitigate the threats and save other gamers.

The Best of IT

The game consists of more than 150 cards. It would be interesting to everyone (not only the IT people). The task is to build IT infrastructure earlier than other contesters. The gamers, one by one, pick up the cards with events (e.g. an accountant opened the mail without checking the address and clicked a virus-infected link; corporate LAN is infected; some data is lost). The gamers have to react to those events. During the game they can make agreements, exchange the missing infrastructure elements, and make partnerships.

Just 60 seconds - Deadline

It is a classical board game with field, dice and sandglass. The task is to run fast, to avoid external threats (which move across the field on their own independently of the gamers) and to finish first.

How can the games be used in your activities?

Board Games for IT people

IT-game can be a souvenir for visitors of your events, as well as a corporate gift for your customers and employees for the New Year, the company’s birthday or other holidays. The game can be used as a teambuilding element or a component of teaser campaigns or digital activities to stimulate potential customers go to landing, fill out a form, pass a test, etc.